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When you buy tiles, take care of the following:

  • We recommend using first-class tiles.
  • Third-class tiles are cheaper, but problems can arise in the course of tiling.
  • It's better to tile the hall with tiles than with parquets, because we often cross it. On the other hand it`s worth choosing that kind of colour which isn't sensitive to dirt.
  • The floor of the kitchen demands hard and abrasion-proof tiles, because sometimes we put heavy objects on the floor there.
  • Bathroom is not so often visited room, but we have to pay attention to hygiene at this place, too; so the tile must stand disinfectants.
  • It's advisable to buy only frost-proof tiles for our terrace and balcony. The tile of the swimming-pool also has to be frost-proof.
  • We can go shopping after we survey accurately how many square metres of tile are necessary. But don't forget we have to buy 5-10 per cent more because some of them can damaged in the course of work. And what is more remainder of the tiles can be useful for repairing works.
  • Take care of the abrasion-proof og tiles. You have to use at least IV class abrasion-proof tiles where the rooms are highly made use of.

How can we make advantage from disadvantage?

If the sizes of tiles are different, we can save the size of joint and this way the aesthetic view will be attractive. In the illustration the sizes of tiles are different, but we got a nice and aesthetic surface in the course of tiling by a special operation.

Master working


If we tile your floor, wall or swimming-pool, you can count only on precise, fast and nice surface in your home day after day.

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